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cosmic religion


the latest cosmic research
about the questions of being
to all homo sapiens
in this cosmos

so every one can be finding out
about the true vision of creation
being there by the only valid
religion for all

.... the science for a future organization ....

we are finding
that the creator of this universe
having created him self

in the former dark and empty space
wanting light and endless worlds of wisdom

so all he would need is developing the will
so he could with out creating any energy
at all

but out of part negative energy
and part positive energy
be creating all

this ...

his universe

so all homo sapiens wanting fulfillment
could on endless worlds of wisdom

without war tribes
predatory animals
any in justice
or illness

going toward their fulfilling
being not only the guarding
of his creation

but as well as
the fulfilling of all


further more

we believe in

that our present universe
being the latest in the evolution
of all these creations

where as
every one universe having been created
was a step to further perfection
in all these creations

we believe further more
that now the process of creation
in addition to the creator of the first
being a collaboration of trillions
of former spirits of inhabitants
from a past universe

so creating every time
a more pefect creation

a true trillion = 1 000 000 000 000 000 000

the fulfillment

of the individual
can only work within the framework
of his whole humanity

and furthermore

within the framework of the cosmic community
and the vision of all these creations
based in this cosmos

so we have on this world
so the planet satan
so the planet
of envy

the fulfillment of all prevented
there while bragging about

their own empty fulfillment

but this strategy
of all those satanic
will never come to being

because the fulfillment
of our cosmic community
would be destroyed

furthermore the vision
all of this creations

since the beginning of time

should you all
not be starting now
the fulfillment of all
to be guaranteeing

then the galactic pest control
will have to come

and then all these will
have to watch passed out for weeks

how they are dieing of thirst
without even being able to do anything
and before they perish biologically
will their soul have captured
that their whole principle
will never work

and they never will
make any more world uninhabitable

just so
that you can prevent
the guarantee of fulfillment
of all

all those loved ones

are those who united
are loving each

to being united shames
eliminating all wisdom

so they can destroy
every environment
every humanity

>> what fun
dying can be !

so why are all ?
being so stupid ?

because this is what all
have to compete with !

according to
darwinian selection ...

this planet vanity

where every one be just concernd
about hindering out of jealousy
about all real success
all this fulfilling

here on

 this planet satan

where all those satanic states
are just guarnteeing satanic rights
of war and destruction
of illness

of all this stupidity
and thereby hindering
the fulilling of all


while we should never
becoming aggressive physically

we should always pointing
with all aggression neccessary
to all hindering the fulfillment
of all

only then
will the vision
of creation

being the beacon of light
als in million x million worlds
in this universe
being real

and maybe countless worlds of light
in all this cosmos

where we should
in the darkness of night
be contenplating every night
this vision of creation

to realizing
this longing for light
at every dawn of a new day

we are about the science
for the cosmic religion

based entirely on cosmic reality

with no dogma
only the cosmic reality
being our guide

for all questions
any one may ask

for the last thousand x million years

any one can surely believe in
there being no doubts possible

where the real sociality
being brought forward

being the realization
of an


based again on cosmic reality
where every solution being brought forward
since every one is having a voice

no hierarchie what so ever
except cosmic reality
except scientific

where we have at the end
not one problem

only solutions
for our endless paradice


need a humanity

because there they are free
creating more value every day
for themselfs and their humanity

there while any pest
a libertine dumb competing
needing anarchy rights

every day more damage done
because a majority
is fundamental

no rightous state
no value it all

only one power means
so coming to power

so making
the seizure

because competing parties
guaranteeing all this damage
safeguarding destruction interests


we need

the wisdom

bringing to the highest level
for everyone

since only with homo sapiens
we achieved the changes

through all of this failure
being able to rectify again

that being
why we need



of every one to promote
for the positive competition
fanning on everywhere

that we
guarantee a future
and never again

this negative competition
so this inevitable failure

there by
the elimination
of every success
being delivered

so we finally have to
reach an


around this world for the
next hundred million years
a future to rescue

so that we can
to the fulfilling
in all this universe
can contribute to

the galactic religion

we have time till the planetary year 2030
or the galactic pest control will have to come
to relieving all this poor pest
without any violence

the galactic foundation

and here
the cosmic community
in existence

our cosmic community

the galactic university

published by

galactic central information